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Fuel Card vs. Credit Card

  • 1.  Fuel Card vs. Credit Card

    Posted 07-02-2015 13:33
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    The fleet card we participate in has decided to charge administration fees.  These fees will absorb the "discounts" earned by using a fuel card.  With all the options available it's almost impossible to choose the best route.  Can anyone share how your company handles fuel purchases, whether with a fleet card or business credit card?  Which program do you feel best rewards your purchases and is user friendly?  Thanks so much!

    Nicole Snyder
    VM Systems Inc.
    Toledo OH
    (419) 535-1044

  • 2.  RE: Fuel Card vs. Credit Card

    Posted 07-03-2015 07:39
    Hi Nicole,

    Have you looked in to Comdata's program? We use their vendor payment program and credit card.  I know they have a very flexible fleet program too. They offer a good discount, and if you tell them you are with CFMA and the NW Ohio Chapter, both the chapter and the National association get money when you spend too! 

    We earned over 1000 in discounts in June.  This program more than pays for our CFMA memberships!

    Pamela Hepburn CCIFP
    OCP Contractors, Inc.
    Holland OH
    (419) 865-3079